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Juan Rodriguez

Olympics 2012: London Is Ready- Amazing Structures

By March 13, 2011

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Interesting Facts About UK Olympics 2012 Stadiums

The 2012 London Olympic Stadium is almost completed. The Olympic stadium is on going interior works and minor exterior works. All seating areas and the roof area have been almost completed and construction is on track to be completed by summer 2011, one year before the Olympics opening ceremony. The construction of these sport venues has been so fast that some of them like the Velodrome, have already been completed.

The Olympic Stadium

This amazing stadium, surrounded completely by water, will be the first ever stadium with large removable elements and temporary removable seating. The place where the Olympic Stadium is now erected, was a large dumping area and more than four million tons of waste were removed from the soil. More than 6,500 cubic meters of crushed concrete, recycled from other parts of the Olympic Park were spread to provide a suitable ground condition. As for the sustainable part of this Olympic Park, the construction used only 10,000 tonnes of steel, significantly less than in other Olympic stadiums.

Since the stadium is surrounded by water, access to the Olympic park is via a series of bridges and entrances set radially around the bowl. The superior rings of the stadium will be removed reducing its seating capacity from 80,000 to 25,000, providing a smaller facility for future UK generations. A light steel and concrete structure forms the superior rings supported on external steel columns, providing support to the fabric roof membrane.

The Velodrome

The Velodrome venue is already completed and has been tested. It's roof, composed of a lightweight cable net structure, simulates the geometry of the interior cycling track, allows plenty of daylight illumination. This illumination is provided by roof-lights allowing also natural ventilation to the interior of the stadium, reducing the needs for artificial lighting. A highly specialized grey water system will be built, that will reduce water consumption.

Handball Arena

The Handball Arena has an amazing copper exterior cladding, that will enhance the aesthetic of the building as water and air turn copper into a blend of colors. The concourse level features glazing details that will allow visibility from the exterior part to the inside, and will be lit by nights to create an illuminating spectacle. Similar to the velodrome, the ceiling is designed to allow natural light into the venue, reducing the need for artificial illumination.

Press Center

The International Broadcast Center will meet several green standards incorporating a 'brown roof' and recycling non-drinking water. A 'brown roof' is very similar to a green roof, but it encourages the creation of bio-diversity on the roof, that will turn later into a green-like roof. The amount of steel used in this construction will be sufficient to accommodate five jumbo jets placed wing-tip to wing-tip.

Aquatic Center

The aquatic center, when completed, could be the most beautiful building in the world. This avant-garde design and its arc-shaped roof, lined with 100% recycled material, could be the icon for this London 2012 Olympic Games, just like the 'Nest' in the previous Olympic Games. The wave-like roof weighing more than 2,500 tons, will be supported only on two concrete supports and a single wall and will have a longer span than London's Heathrow Terminal 5. Its sustainable design will provide an efficient grey water system that will reuse pool water to flush the center's toilets.

London 2012 Olympic construction has definitively established a new set of standard on sports venues, and its accelerated construction speed has been remarkable. However, not only the construction has to be highlighted, we must also acknowledge all design teams and professionals participating in this massive construction. All constructions must be completed by 27 July 2011.

All photos courtesy of London 2012


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