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Juan Rodriguez

World Trade Center Designed to Withstand Hurricane Winds

By November 5, 2012

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World Trade Center

Hurricane Sandy created a replica of the Hudson River as more than 200 million gallons of water entered the lower level of the complex, flooding Path terminal, and construction entrances. The new World Trade Center sitting at 15 feet above grade level is high enough to prevent storm surge get into the building once it has been finished. However, the World Trade Center structure's has been designed in such way that wind will be redistributed and redirected reducing the pressure created by wind in the facade. In addition to that lower level wall are more than 6 feet thick, reinforced with so much steel that even a human arm could barely fit into the rebar. In this type of building, that has been also designed as a 'terror-proof' structure that absence of windows in the first 180 feet is an additional design element that reduces the amount of water entering the building through openings. So it could be said, that the World Trade Center has succeed in its first disaster proof test.

Photo © Jason A. Howie


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