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Construction July 2011 Archive


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San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge: Seismic Retrofitting On Track

Sunday July 31, 2011
A great seismic retrofitting project is well underway in San Francisco. The eastern span replacement of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge started in 2002, and will likely continue until 2013, ... Read More

New Orleans Saints Home Is Ready

Thursday July 28, 2011
New Orleans Saints Home Is Ready A six year renovation reaching almost $340 million dollar is almost completed on the New Orleans Saints home, The Superdome. The most renowned, sports venue ... Read More

Housing and Non-Commercial Recovery Report Fall 2011

Wednesday July 27, 2011
A slight decline in the construction industry is being forecasted by the AIA Consensus Construction Forecast panel during the upcoming months of this year. However, the good news is that ... Read More

FAA Stop-Work Orders Affecting Thousands

Monday July 25, 2011
The construction industry has just received another hard blow form the US Congress. Today, the FAA has announced that many construction projects and contractors had just received stop-work orders because ... Read More

Support The Safe Building Code Incentive Act of 2011

Thursday July 21, 2011
Safe Building Code Incentive Act of 2011 The HR 2069, Safe Building Code Incentive Act of 2011, will amend the Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, to authorize the US President ... Read More

Construction Statistics June 2011

Wednesday July 20, 2011
The monthly report of construction progress and building permits shows signs of recovery. The June 2011 report shows upward trends on building permits and housing starts. Meanwhile the housing completions ... Read More

World's First 3D Printer Studio

Tuesday July 19, 2011
Sun Studio Debuts First 3D Printer The world's first 3D printer studio is now operational in the UAE, offering the construction sector a new form of printing technology to create designs ... Read More

New York City Unveils New Design for Engineering Campus

Tuesday July 19, 2011
New York City Unveils New Design for Engineering Campus The City of New York will unveil today the blueprints for a future engineering campus that the city is planning to build. ... Read More

What is Carmageddon? Carmageddon: Rebuilding I-405

Saturday July 16, 2011
Carmageddon: Rebuilding I-405 Today has started what so many have called, Carmageddon; the rebuilding of the interstate 405 in Los Angeles. The carmageddon is the result of a third bridge ... Read More

US Debt Ceiling: Looking into The Construction Industry

Thursday July 14, 2011
Debt Ceiling: To Raise or Not To Raise? The US government is facing this tough question after being told that the US debt might be downgraded in the next couple of ... Read More

Construction Jobs and Forecast for Upcoming Months

Tuesday July 12, 2011
Construction Jobs: How Bright Is The Future? Construction jobs still on decline. At least 9,000 construction related workers lose their job during the Months of May and June 2011. According to ... Read More

Schedule 25 Software: Eastern Michigan Case Study

Monday July 11, 2011
Schedule 25 software was recently used successfully on the Eastern Michigan University renovation project. This software generates schedules maximizing construction planning and development, while reducing the gaps related to mobilization ... Read More

New Bill Proposed by The House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee

Thursday July 7, 2011
New House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Bill Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., proposed today a new House Transportation bill that seeks $230 billion in spending over six years for highways, highway ... Read More

Shuttle Launch: The Future of Space Construction

Thursday July 7, 2011
Final Space Shuttle Launch NASA's final space shuttle mission will be assessing on why an ammonia pump failed, preventing the cooling system to work properly. This final mission to the ISS, ... Read More

2018 Winter Olympics- Pyeongchang, Korea

Wednesday July 6, 2011
2018 Winter Olympics Pyeongchang and their hope for the 2018 Winter Olympics continue. Selected as the host of 2018 Winter Olympics, the Korean city of Pyeongchang, is more than ready with ... Read More

New Phoenix Green Construction Code

Friday July 1, 2011
Phoenix Green Construction Code Starting from July 1, 2011, The city of Phoenix is being ruled by a Green Construction Code that will promote safe, sustainable and energy-efficient construction. This new ... Read More

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