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Juan Rodriguez

Juan Rodriguez

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Juan Rodriguez is a registered professional engineer in Puerto Rico with over 17 years of experience leading civil works, electrical projects, mechanical works, concrete and interior work. Juan is now acting as Director of Construction for the US and Canada, managing renewable energy projects.He has extensive experience managing large-scale infrastructure projects and acting as a coach to mid-level engineers. Juan will contribute with his thorough understanding of corporate and industry practices, applicable laws, processes, standards, and will provide evaluation of project activities. He has demonstrated excellent communication and interpersonal skills, magnificent contract and project financial knowledge. Professional Engineer, P.E


Eng. Juan Rodriguez has been working on several project since day one of his career. His positive contribution on mega projects, including renewable energy projects, rail systems, water distribution systems, and housing projects convert him in the ideal candidate guide for the about.com website.

His knowledge is also present in numerous organizations that he is enrolled into, he has contributes to implement technical solutions on almost every discipline in the construction industry. He is an all around engineer with solid background experience in remodeling, new construction, demolition and compliance with local, state and federal codes. He has won several recognitions throughout his career and all the projects that he has been involved have been excel to unprecedented levels.


He has a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineer from the University of Puerto Rico, with plenty of additional preparation courses through continued education. He is also a bonafide Professional Engineer in Puerto Rico.

By Juan Rodriguez:

I am the expert for the About.com Construction site, due to my extensive knowledge on different trades in the construction industry. I have worked with several materials conducting tests, office-related duties, management tasks, and have the site experience needed to tie all these things into one condensed information hub.

My experience working as contractor, homebuilder, and engineer has given me the opportunity to understand Construction in different ways and apply my knowledge in different aspects of the construction industry. Being able to share my knowledge and entice others to join this industry will be my main contribution to this site, in addition to helping create a better world. Add me to your Google Circle.


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