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World Greatest Power Generator Systems


All of the top power plants in the world are based on hydroelectric principles. The enormous amount of energy that water can produce is amazing and it’s the principal source used by generations to power entire areas, cities and nations. Other energy producing alternatives are limited for example, a Nuclear Plant is limited by the fuel used, and solar plants are limited to the output of the sun and the location of their structures. Power plants are industrial units that are used for the generation of electric power. Sometimes it is also called as energy center because of the work it does. In short, it converts one form of the energy into another. These power plants contain a generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy due to the motion of a conductor in a magnetic field. The energy source is used in these power plants of various types such as coal, water, wind, solar and several others. Here are some of the largest power plants.
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Three Gorges 18,460 MW ChinaTucurui 8,370 MW BrazilItaipu 14,750 MW Brazil/Paraguay Simon Bolivar (Guri) 10,055 MW Venezuela
Kashiwazaki-Kariwa 8,206 MW Japan
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