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Online Construction Bids Systems


Online Construction Bids Systems

Original Bid System

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Online Construction Bids Systems

The development of the Internet over the past two decades has significantly changed many aspects of the construction industry. For more than a century, a company bidding on a project had to send large amounts of paperwork to a potential client for consideration; now, an online construction bid can be made, finishing the bid process with the click of a mouse.

An online construction bid can be assembled and sent through the use of construction bid software. Construction bid software is used largely by general contractors as part of the cost estimation and budgeting processes when developing a bid for a new project. What was once a major issue of concern for all construction projects can now be done quickly and efficiently.

There are multiple sites that allow you to view, download and print construction drawings in order to complete a bid proposal, The company must register and complete all the requirements to have access to this database. Then all information is shared among all contractors, and the notification regarding due date and changes is sent through email systems. There are several steps prior to complete an online bidding system.

The Procurement System for Construction provides support for:

  1. Selection of appropriate procurement and contracting strategies, and nomination of an appropriate Principal in the contracts.
  2. Preparation of tender documents and contracts based on standard forms.
  3. Selection of contractors and consultants with proven performance records.
  4. Effective management of contracts, including clause commentaries, sample letters and checklists.
  5. Maintenance of an effective performance management system through monitoring and reporting.
  6. Resolution of contractual claims and disputes.
Making an online construction bid is quick and far easier than the hours or days it would take to assemble and send a bid through traditional methods.

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