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Construction Design

Topics on how to design construction projects, specifications to met, how to prepare and codes to comply.
  1. Concrete Design
  2. Green (8)
  3. Innovations (18)
  4. Materials (21)
  5. Specifications (20)
  6. Swimming Pool Designs
  7. Trends (6)

Frost Protected Shallow Foundations
Frost Protected Shallow Foundations can save you on material and labor costs. Frost Protected shallow foundations are widely used on Nordic countries and Northern areas where cold or freezing conditions occur.

How to Increase Office Productivity
Tips when designing office spaces and how to create a better and productive work place.

Foundation Design
Relevant information when designing a foundation for a structure.

Fire Prevention :Fire Sprinkler Systems
Fire prevention systems. Fire sprinkler systems to use on your design.

Material description
Material description

How to Install Clay Roof Tile
Step by step on how to install clay roof tile. There are four common types of clay roof tiles

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