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Construction Management

Related information on construction management in the construction industry.
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  2. Claims Management (10)
  3. Close Out Process (0)
  4. Cost Control (15)
  5. Insurances (12)
  6. Labor Contracts (8)
  7. Procurement Process (11)
  8. Risk Management (9)

Construction Management
Construction Management basics. Learn what every Construction Manager must know, from laws, regulations, management techniques, and much more.

Contract: Construction Contract Basics
Construction contract from A to Z. Information on tpes of contacts, list of items included in a contract, and some contracting help.

Storm Preparedness Plan
A guide to elaborate a Storm Preparedness Plan. Follow the checklist and you will be able to prepare against storms and tornadoes.

Critical Path Method Scheduling
Basic Components of a Critical Path Method. The Critical Path Method is powerful tool that must be used in every construction project.

Understanding Soft Costs

Soft Costs constitute a big portion of your construction costs. A construction project is possible due to the soft costs, that when added to the hard cost and land cost, you will have the total cost amount for your construction project. Soft costs are traditionally non-seen items that composed the initial part of developing a construction project.

Tips When Recording As-Built Drawings
Tips When Recording As-Built Drawings

Types of Construction Contracts
Types of Construction Contracts

How to Reduce Overhead Costs
Tips on how to reduce your overhead costs.

Union Contract Negotiation
When union bargaining is underway conflict frequently exists and it's often stressful for both sides. Union Contract negotiations between labor and management can create strain in a company as one side may try to gain power over the other during the negotiation process.

How to Bid A Commercial Construction Project
General information regarding the process of bidding a commercial project.

Construction Schedule Techniques
Four ways to prepare a construction schedule. Construction schedule must be learned by every construction professional.

Tips on how to be an effective negotiator.
contract management negotiate union labor effective tips negotiation clauses law

Succcesfull tips that you can use when negotiating a union contract.
union contract negotiation labor laws employees management construction

Item that should be included in every contract.
prior negotiation check list items contract construction management labor laws union agreement

What Is An Environmental Assessment?
What is an environmental assessment and how to prepare this environmental study.

Construction Bonds Basics
Construction Bonds Basics: Essential information about construction bonds

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