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Contract: Construction Contract Basics

Construction Contract Basics


Construction contracts can be a very useful tool that every builder must know to perfection. There are different types of contracts, tips and guidelines that must form part of every construction contract. Contracting agents are a vital part of the construction industry, but following these guidelines you can become one great contracting leader.

1. Contract Documents

Builders on construction site
Alistair Berg/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The contract documents are one of the most important pieces that will guarantee of a successful project. This list contains the most common documents that must form part of every construction contract.

2. Contract Types

By NobMouse

There are a several types of construction contracts used in the industry, but there are certain types of construction contracts preferred by construction professionals.

3. Union Contracts

A labor union contract is a powerful agreement between parts to secure your rights in the workplace. According to labor law, contracts represent the minimum compensation and benefits for employees.

4. Contract: Direct Hire or Sub-Contract

By Greene/Ellis

Subcontracting can offer you some warranties and hiring someone directly will require additional efforts from you. But what is the best decision?

5. Contract Key Rules

When you're ready to negotiate with the company regarding benefits, wages and work conditions, use the following steps to generate productive talks.

6. Contract Negotiation Process

By IvanWalsh

The negotiating of a contract is a stressful time, and it will drain you mentally and physically. Follow these steps to help you reduce the time dedicated to the process.

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