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Alternative to use as roofing material.

There are many alternatives to use as roofing materials. From shingles, to built-up roofing, each one of them has it's own particularity and their advantages when using them. Browser through some alternatives and determine which one to use on your construction project.

Bricks: How to Prevent Cracks in Brickwork
Bricks installation tips. How to avoid or reduce cracks when using bricks.

Common Wood Framing Errors
Common wood framing errors and how to solve them to avoid problems during construction.

RCC- Roller Compacted Concrete
Brief explanation of Roller Compacted Concrete its uses and benefits.

What is Stucco?
Explanation of what Stucco is.

The ASTM provide the standards and test for all construction related materials.

How to Install Granite Countertops
Granite countertops are one of the preferred kitchen countertop as they provide a solid and aesthethic surface. Learn how to install granite countertop and how to finish it,

How to Install Vinyl Tiling
Vinyl tiles are still one of the most used flooring materials. Depending on the type of vinyl tile being used, your installation process will be somehow different. Learn how to install vinyl tiles.

Rebar Splice: How to Determine Rebar Splices
Rebar splicing details and tools to complete mechanical splices. Mechanical splices can also be used to avoid overlapping rebars making it easier and faster.

Water Faucet Buying Guide
Tips and Information that will help you determine which is the best water faucet. Water faucet buying guide tips.

Avoid Warping of Doors
How to Prevent Doors from Warping. Things to do that will prevent your door from warping.

How to Solve Common Painting Problems
How to Solve Common Painting Problems. Tips on how to solve common painting problems

Ceramic Tile Instalaltion Mistakes
Tips to avoid the most common mistakes on ceramic tile installation

How to Choose the Right Tile Adhesive
Learn how to choose the right tile adhesive

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