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Jubail II World's Largest Industrial Project

World's Largest Projects: Jubail II


World's Largest Projects: Jubail II

World's Largest Projects: Jubail II

By JonRawlinson

World's Largest Projects: Jubail II

Creating one of the world's greatest industrial city on Jubail, is not an easy task. Jubail Industrial City, which rose from the sands three decades ago, is poised to double in size at a cost of $3.8 billion for infrastructure alone. Jubail Industrial II construction is a multi-billion dollar industrial city aiming to create social benefits and to strengthen petrochemical industry. This project will double the size of the Jubail Industrial City by 6,200 hectares.

World's Largest: Jubail II Construction

$3.8 billion is the estimated cost to create all necessary infrastructure facilities including roads, utilities, cooling, water, wastewater and the required pipeline corridor to complete a successful industrial park. But that's not all, at least $18 billion dollars are being designed to build the industrial city, extending from the existing industrial park to Kuwait-Ras Tanura corridor. Jubail industrial park will be developed in four stages, and up to 50,000 residential units will be added by 2026. The RCJY has asked Bechtel, which handled Jubail 1, to manage Jubail II.

Jubail 11 will possess and initial phase of nine industries covering more than 1,900 hectares. The industrial park will be designed with combined facilities of tunnels, superstructures, pipelines and transportation modifications. One significant construction for the Jubail II project will be the 1,065 kilometer railway connecting Jubail with Riyadh, forming an East-West bridge and promoting the strategic project location for the mineral industry.

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