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Super Bowl XLV Stadium-Amazing Construction

Interesting facts about Super Bowl XLV Stadium-amazing construction


Super Bowl XLV Stadium-Amazing Construction

Inside Super Bowl XLV Stadium

By Cordey

Construction Super Bowl XLV Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys Stadium will be hosting Super Bowl XLV. This unique structure also home of the Dallas Cowboys team on the NFL, has set some milestones regarding its construction and design. This sporting venue has already hosted other mega-sporting events; Super Bowl XLV home, can accommodate at least 80,000 fans and all of them could enjoy the largest and steepest retractable roof in the world. It also contains the largest moving glass door in the world and an impressive two-180 foot HD screen.

Construction Process

Dallas Cowboys Owner selected Manhattan Construction, an Oklahoma-based contractor with large experience on sports venue, as their main general contractor for this stadium. The Super Bowl XLV, and Dallas Cowboys stadium was started by removing more than one million cubic yards of sandy soil to begin with a ‘bowl’ that was preceding overall construction.The design of the Super Bowl XLV home was mastered by HKS Architects, a Dallas-based architectural firm.

During its construction, 200,000 square feet of retaining walls were built as part of the footing, along with more than 8,000 shot-crete soil nails. Cast-in place concrete was also used during the footing construction process. Soil nail technology is a procedure where steel bars are drilled and grouted into the soil to create a composite mass. The Super Bowl XLV stadium is also supported on piers 75 to 80 feet below the surface.

Construction Amazing Facts

The Dallas Cowboy Stadium was constructed rapidly and fast by the selected group of contractors, and they can be proud of the following:

  • The roof, retractable, has more than 140,000 square feet of translucent fiberglass retractable panels.
  • It has two structural steel arches, composed of high-strength steel imported from Luxemburg, each one of them 1,290 feet long.
  • These arches allow creating the largest column-free room ever erected.
  • Each 17- foot wide arch weighs more than 6 million pounds.
  • 200,000 cubic yards of concrete were used.
  • More than 20,000 tons of structural steel was used.
  • The roof’s motors will open or close it in about 12 minutes.
  • Retractable panels’ are placed on a rack attached to the two arches.
  • It has the two tallest movable glass doors in the world.
  • The glass retractable door features a five-leaf glass panel measuring over 110 feet high and over 175 feet wide.
  • The glass retractable panel opens in about 18 minutes.
  • It has an 86-foot high glass exterior wall, sloping outward at a 14 degree angle.
  • This canted glass wall creates a unique effect of luminescent glow across the facade.
  • Other Green Milestones

    The green business could not be left unattended by team’s Owner. They established the requirement of recycling more than 80% of the construction-generated waste. Furthermore, the Super Bowl XLV Stadium also includes a 30-acres grass area dedicated to park vehicles allowing the reduction of runoff water. The team administration applied and was accepted into the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Environmental Performance Track program. Their goal:

  • Reduce energy use by 20%
  • Reduce water consumption by 1 million gallons annually
  • Reduce solid waste by 25 percent
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