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World's Largest Projects: Dubailand

World's Largest Theme Park


World's Largest Projects: Dubailand

World's Largest Projects: Dubailand


World's Largest Projects: Dubailand

Dubailand consists of a 3 billion square development and when completed will be the world’s biggest theme park, twice the size of Walt Disney World. Over 55 hotels, seven themes areas, including Theme parks, culture & art, science & planetariums, sports & sports academies, wellbeing & health, shopping & retail and resorts & hotels will form part of this mega project.

World's Largest: Dubailand Status

Tatweer Parks is currently back in talks with Universal Studios and Merlin Entertainment about building those theme parks that they announced a few years ago. They want to focus entirely on building only Universal Studios Dubailand and Legoland Dubai, and then later continue on this large amazing mega project.

Dubai Properties Group said earlier this week that it planned to unveil a revised masterplan for the mega-project later this year. Dubai developer Diamond said in April it planned to build 2,500 townhouses in the entertainment complex by 2016.

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