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World's Largest Projects: Songdo IBD

Songdo IBD will be a korean metropolis.


Songdo IBD

Songdo IBD

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Songdo IBD is a master panned metropolis based on sustainability and innovation. Just 40 miles away from Seoul and seven miles from the Incheon International Airport, this 100 million square foot ground-breaking city was designed by Kohn Pedersen includes commercial office space, residences, retail shops, hotels as well as civic and cultural facilities.

World’s Largest: Songdo IBD

The Songdo IBD development will be the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified district in Korea and the largest project outside North America to be included in the LEED ND (Neighborhood Development) Pilot Program. This whole city is being built on 1,500 acres of reclaimed land, being possible by extracting more than 500 million tons of sand from the bottom of the ocean to be used as infill. This sand is so salty that designers have recommended using geotextiles separating the sand from the topsoil reducing the possibilities of corrosion and other related problems.

World’s Largest: Songdo IBD Features

The US$ 35 billion master plan totals 100 million square feet and will contain:

  • 35 million square feet of residential area divided into 65,000 permanent residents and 22,500 new housing units.
  • 40 million square feet dedicated to office space.
  • 10 million square feet retail space with shopping and entertainment including 150 specialty shops, 3 anchor stores, a hypermarket, multiplex cinema and an ice rink.
  • 5 million square feet hotel space including the new Sheraton Incheon Hotel.
  • 10 million square feet public space including the impressive Convensia Convention Center that will be Korea's largest column-free interior space.
  • Carbon-free transportation system.
  • Underground parking reducing urban heat island effects.
  • 600 acres of open space.
  • Green roof and re-use of storm water.
  • Fly-ash concrete is being used.
  • The Northeast Asia Trade Tower, which will stand as Korea's tallest building.
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