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World’s Largest: Saadiyat Island

Saadiyat Island: A Cultural Centre


Saadiyat World Largest Projects

Saadiyat World Largest Projects

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Saadiyat Island makes our list of the world's largest construction projects. This project, located in world famous Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island will turn the area into one the greatest cultural centers of the world. Situated to the north east of Abu Dhabi, this amazing project will occupy 27 square kilometers and is expected to be completed by 2018 with a total cost of more than $26 billion.

World's Largest: Saadiyat Island

Saadiyat Island will be connected with Abu Dhabi by means of a light rail system and a 10 kilometer highway. The project will be divided into seven districts:

  1. Cultural District

    Containing five cultural centers created to host international events and fairs. The Cultural District will also contain exclusive villas, 7-star hotels, green areas, luxury villas and exclusive retailers. The five cultural centers will be:

    • The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi
    • The Louvre Abu Dhabi
    • The Performing Arts Centre
    • The Sheikh Zayed National Museum
    • The Maritime Museum
  2. Marina District

    It's a cosmopolitan, self-contained community will have a range of leisure and entertainment facilities, as well as berthing for more than 1000 vessels

  3. Saadiyat Reserve

    A rich sustainable environment of flourishing natural wetlands, lush mangrove sanctuaries and free-flowing waterways, dotted with luxury homes and boutique hotels.>

  4. Saadiyat Promenade

    A vibrant mix of contemporary family homes, friendly hotels, stylish shops, modern cafés and restaurants, all fringed by a stunning beachfront, linked by picturesque boardwalks.

  5. Saadiyat Lagoons

    Here you will find beautiful homes nestled on the banks of tiny islets, offering residents immediate access to a network of stunning waterways, encompassing a beautiful canal system as well as the unsurpassed glory of the open Arabian Gulf.

  6. Saadiyat Beach

    Private and public beach clubs will offer a host of sport and recreational facilities, state-of-the-art gymnasiums, day-spas, and unparalleled pool and beach access. The district will feature community retail and cafe areas seated within a premium, pedestrian-friendly environment.

  7. Saadiyat Retreat
This stunning 'island within an island' will hide an exclusive range of intimate boutique hotels that offer a calming waterside ambiance and specialist spa and retreat facilities. For the wise investor, the area is also a haven for exquisite luxury shoreline homes, which benefit from their private, secluded and tranquil location.
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