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World Trade Center Progress


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World Trade Center: New York's Tallest Building
World Trade Center 2012
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The World Trade Center will surpass the Empire State Building as New York's tallest building. The Steel tower, as of April 2012, is above floor 93, rising up more than 1240 feet high. It is expected to reach 1,368 in the upcoming weeks.Other activities take place are:
  • Facade installation is now above floor 71
  • Concrete is now being installed above floor 90
  • Installation of the 408-foot-tall telecommunications spire in summer 2012 (bringing total tower height to 1776 feet)
  • Spray-on fireproofing underway
  • Elevator shaft fit-out
  • Multiple cranes on site for steel and concrete installation
  • Both the south and north cores are now being erected as the structure rises
  • "Cocoon" safety system now in place around upper perimeter, to rise with structure
  • Utility installation and tie-ins
  • Crews are coordinating substructure construction while maintaining PATH service
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