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Related information on requirements by the government in the construction industry.
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  2. Federal Agencies (13)
  3. Grants (0)
  4. Incentive Programs (1)
  5. Regulations (9)

Public Private Partnership Pros and Cons
Public Private Partnership (P3) : Their benefits and disadvantages. Case studies of some great Public Private Partnerships around the US and the World.

Tax Deduction Program
Learn more about Tax Deduction program.Benefits of a tax deduction program by the U.S. government to promote energy efficient buildings. Valid until 2013.

Government Environmental Requirements in Construction Projects
Information of requirements and regulation from federal agencies regarding environmental requirements.

Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Protection Agency

Index of US Federal Agencies
List of US based federal agencies that might regulate the construction industry.

U.S. Grants
Information on government grants by government agencies.

Top Anti-Terror Buildings: World's Safest Buildings
The top five terrorist-proof buildings. These buildings are so strong that not even the worst terrorist attack will do any harm to these fortress.

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