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Triple Glazed Windows

Triple Glazed Windows: An Energy Wise Decision


Triple Glazed Windows

Triple Glazed Wiindows will offer great comfort inside the building

By Lisa Sanderson
Triple Glazed Windows will be used regularly on a near future given recent code changes and the Department of Energy's push toward R-5 windows. Triple glazed windows are beyond ASHRAE 189.1 and IGCC standards. However, once the 2012 IECC standard enters regulation, triple glazed windows will be required in zones 7-8. DOE is also looking forward to expanding the usage of triple glazed windows with its Windows Volume Purchase Program. Triple glazed windows have three layers of glass, or two layers with a low-emissivity (Low-E) film suspended between them.

Types of Triple Glazed Windows

Sweden, can be considered the place where triple glazed windows were first introduced. Colder climates are benefited the most with these high performance windows, due to their improvement of interior comfort climate. Widely used in Canada, and not so much in the US, triple glazed windows are the best option when retrofitting in colder climates. The most common types of triple glazed windows are:

  1. Triple glazed using a traditional spacer in each glazing gap.
  2. Triple glazed, glass in the center, with an interior U-type channel that seals between the inboard and outboard lites.
  3. Triple glazed windows with a suspended attached film, that will be heated allowing it to shrink and tighten to visible clarity.

Benefits of Triple Glazed Windows

  • Offer a more rigid and strength window
  • Great selection on extreme weather
  • Excellent resistance to condensation problems
  • Helps reduce sound transmission
  • Better energy saver than regular and double glazed windows
  • Installing triple glazed windows is equivalent to upgrade walls and ceilings from R-20 to R-40( in certain circumstances)
  • Triple glazed windows can decrease relative heat loss
  • Increases thermal comfort inside the building
  • A combination of double glazed windows and triple glazed windows can be used with the building orientation to obtain excellent results
  • Insulated hollow frames can increase triple glazed windows performance
  • Some manufacturers of triple glazed windows can offer a product with a R-13 value.

Cons of Triple Glazed Windows

  • The weight of triple glazed windows can be a problem with weaker sash materials.
  • Triple glazed casements have width limitations
  • Slightly higher prices than double glazed window
  • Some casement type windows could have a restriction when opened.
  • If an existing structure has little or no wall insulation, triple glazed windows are not recommended
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