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Urban Umbrella

Urban Umbrella: The new type of elegant scaffolding


Urban Umbrella
Photo ©, JGNY

Urban Umbrella Scaffolding

A new product has hit the streets and is looking really good, literally. The redefined concept of scaffolding tuning it into an elegant scaffolding process has gained customers in the US and now in Canada. By providing elegance into the street and pedestrians walkways, the new scaffolding also protects from falling debris and provides support for construction activities.

Urban Umbrella Concept

The Urban Umbrella Concept© is a unique concept tailored to specific builder and owner needs. Each scaffolding structure is designed to match your building’s dimensions, sidewalk characteristics and façade details. The concept is designed by architects to ensure that the final structure is in accordance to owner requirements. Each panel is customized and the product offers variety of color and shapes to choose from. All panels, manufactured in NYC, are made of polymer based material offering highest quality material.

Urban Umbrella Origins

The Urban Umbrella scaffolding concept originated in NYC as it was the winner in a city competition to find alternatives to old traditional scaffolding in the streets. The product was selected over 260 competitors in 2009 and it has been praised for its sustainable characteristics, safety elements and aesthetics. The Umbrella's architects and engineers produced over 100 configuration options and 450 pages of structural analysis and it is the first design alternative to the sidewalk scaffolds in over 50 years.

Urban Umbrella Features

In addition to protect these scaffold alternatives offer the following features:

  • Lighting- The Urban Umbrella design allows you adding LED lighting integrated into the scaffold so the sidewalk area will never be dark again.
  • Steel Elements- The design also incorporates sleek structural elements that rise up to add stiffness and strengthen the panel area.
  • Daylight- Translucent panels made out of high strength resin allows more than 85% of lighting through, providing great illumination all day long.
  • Lightweight- The intelligent structural design, ultra rigid high strength steel alloys, creates a high strength material but lightweight poles that can be easily managed. It also allows designing larges spans with maximum rigidity.

Urban Umbrella Issues

Although Urban Umbrellas are a really a wonderful concept, there is some skepticism about their value. Experts informed that the average costs for a standard shed is about $150 per linear foot, while the Urban Umbrella will be near $187, 25% more than regular shed. In addition to that, labor costs have been estimated to be at least three times higher than a traditional shed installation, due to its complexity and customized design. Installation costs run from $55 a foot to $1,000 depending on the design of shed used, the complexity of the installation and whether the firm uses union labor, according to industry professionals.

Urban Umbrella Characteristics

The Urban Umbrella concept presents the following characteristics when compared to old traditional sheds:

  • Maximum Clear Span: 12 Feet versus 8 feet traditional sheds
  • Opacity – 80% light transmission versus 0% traditional sheds
  • Luminescence- LED Lighting instead of fluorescent lamps.
  • Pedestrian Level Obstructions- All structural cross bracing members are located 7 feet above ground. Old shed have their cross bracing installed at pedestrian level.
  • Strength- 50Ksi steel, while traditional sheds offer 36KSi steel.
  • Sustainability- 90% recycled materials components. Old sheds do not use any recycled material
  • LEED- Counts toward LEED credit system
  • Slope- Urban Umbrella system can be rotated up to 15 degrees, while old shed do no offer slope adjustability.
  • Warranty- Three years
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