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Related information on the inspection process in the construction industry.
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Multimeter: What is a Multimeter?
Learn the benefits of digital multimeters over analog multimeters.

Electrical Transformers: Electrical Transformers Installation Tips
Electrical Transformer Installation Tips. Follow these great tips when installing an electrical trasnformer.

Acoustic Emission Testing
Acoustic Emission Testing

Types of Electrical Transformers Tests
Types of Electrical Transformers Tests.

Optimizing Your HVAC System
Information necessary to keep your heating system in optimal conditions.

ADA Guidelines for Handicapped Bathrooms
ADA Guuidelines: Highlights about the ADA guidelines in handicapped accessible bathrooms.

Inspect Your House
There are situations in which you must inspect or hire someone to inspect your house. Learn more and decide whether you are going to do it or some else will.

International Home Inspector Association
Looking to hire an inspector? The International Home Inspector Association can help you out in this difficult task.

Tips on Site Inspections
Planning to inspect a construction. In this article you'll find some tips when dealing with site inspections.

Identifying Roof Problems

Many contractors are assigned with one difficult task to accomplish: How to identify roof problems. Here is our list of common areas on where to check and discover that roofing problem. Although, there could be different areas that you have to investigate, these are the most repeated scenarios.

Common Pile Driving Problems and Solutions

Common Pile Driving Problems and Possible Solutions to be Implemented.

Formwork: Safety, Installation and Removal of Formwork Guidelines
Recommendations and guidelines on how to install and remove cast-in place concrete formwork

Job Hazard Analysis
What is a Job Hazard Analysis, when to complete it and how to identify risk associated with a job hazard analysis.

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