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Benefits of Using Tilt-Up Walls

Tilt-Up Walls can provide you with several benefits.


Tilt-Up wall

Tilt-Up wall installation.

Courtesy of J. Rodriguez

Introduction to Tilt-Up Walls

Tilt-Up wall construction is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. At least 10,000 buildings enclosing more than 650 million square feet are constructed annually. This is due, in part, to the economics of Tilt-Up, which combine reasonable cost with low maintenance, durability, speed of construction, and minimal capital investment.

Benefits of Tilt-Up Walls

  • Savings - This method uses local materials for the production of the concrete. Working crews are significantly less when compared to traditional concrete buildings. Also less scaffolding is required for the finishing process. Wall panels are constructed with locally available labor and materials. Can apply to LEED Credit M 5.
  • Durability – Many projects with Tilt-up walls stand more time than the ones with traditional construction.
  • Speed – With Tilt-up walls, the schedule can be compressed, and the project will be delivered rapidly. The construction procedure can allow having several trades working at the same location. Panel production is outside the jobsite, usually, having the benefit to work in other areas while the panels are being cast. All these factors provide for a faster, more predictable schedule with fewer opportunities for delays, and associated cost overruns.schedule with fewer opportunities for delays and associated cost overruns.
  • Environment- Concrete emits low VOC and does not degrade indoor air quality. Tilt-up concrete structures in urban areas are recycled into fill and road base material at the end of their useful life.
  • Envelope- Building envelope is created faster, so interior works can start sooner and will allow for multiple trades working inside the building.
  • Safety – Fewer personnel are required, so less accident-prone you are. Risks are also reduced since part of the work takes place at ground level.
  • Custom Build – This kind of building is customized to each particular need. Several finishes and combinations of materials can be used to produce different effects in the façade.
  • Waste- Reduced waste disposal from the job site, since there is less use of concrete, re-bars, forms and other related equipments.
  • Fire Safety – Panels are built following fire resistant code compliance. For example, a 6.5" concrete wall might offer a fire resistance rating of four hours or more.
  • Maintenance - Periodic cleaning and repainting are lower than traditional buildings.
  • Repairs - Reparation process is faster and easier allowing the repaired surface to match better to the original one.
  • SecurityStrength factor and width of panels are favorites to facilities like prisons, manufacturing facilities among others.
  • Lower Operating Costs – The thickness of the panels provides great insulation to the building tenants and will also dissipate the energy received. Also the sound reduction property of the concrete is superior.
  • Architectural- Textures produced with improvised techniques and form-liner cast surfaces in a variety of patterns, including striated, fractured fin, stone, brick and wood grains. Trompe l'oeil painting and simple forming on the casting surface can produce the effect of three-dimensional surfaces.

Largest Buildings (footprint) with Tilt-Up Panels

  • Target Import Warehouse - Savannah, GA
    2,029,554 sq ft (188,546 sq m)
  • Rooms-To-Go Distribution Center - Lakeland, FL
    1,695,837 sq ft (157,543 sq m)
  • Target Distribution Center - Texas - Tyler, TX
    1,632,824 sq ft (151,689 sq m)
  • Gateway Theatre of Shopping - Umhlunga Rocks, South Africa
    1,614,000 sq ft (149,941 sq m)
  • Target Distribution Center - Virginia - Stuarts Draft, VA
    1,600,000 sq ft (148,640 sq m)
  • The Gap/Old Navy Distribution Center - Fishkill, NY
    1,400,000 sq ft (130,060 sq m)
  • Lowe's Warehouse - Poinciana, FL
    1,326,611 sq ft (123,242 sq m)
  • Circuit City - Lackawanna County, PA
    1,278,717 sq ft (118,793 sq m)
  • Unilever - Pontoon Beach, IL
    1,265,000 sq ft (117,518 sq m)
  • Mattel Regional Distribution Center - San Bernardino, CA
    1,250,000 sq ft (116,125 sq m)

List from Tilt Up Concrete Association.

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