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Flood Control: Flood Protection Using Rapid Deployment Flood Wall

Flood Protection Using Rapid Deployment Flood Wall


Flood Protection Using Rapid Deployment Flood Wall

RDFW can be used and then repacked for later use.

By Geo Cell Systems

Flood Control methods area used when heavy rainfall, accelerated snowmelt, winds over water tsunamis or levees failures. Flood problems can be higher by impervious surfaces, run-off water or by natural hazards that can reduce vegetative cover. Flood control methods are used widely around the world, although few methods are available besides the sand bags or by human-made barriers. Periodic flood occur on many rivers forming a region known as the flood plain. The Rapid Deployment Flood Wall is an innovative method that can be used and set faster than traditional flood control methods.

Flood Control: Rapid Deployment Flood Wall Components

The Rapid Deployment Flood Wall system is a flood control plastic grid device that uses horizontal and vertical cells to form a continuous flood control structure. The cells of a Rapid Deployment Flood Wall system are filled with granular material that will block and prevent water seepage to the protected areas. The product is normally shipped in 50” X 60” X 40” crates containing 100 RDFW units per crate. The flood control method stands 48 inches wide and 8 inched tall, forming an interlocking structure that will generate a 42 inch wide unit. This alternative method is used as an emergency method providing flood control protection.

The Rapid Deployment Flood Wall system is easy to handle and serve as a replacement for sandbag wall. These collapsible plastic grid modules are assembled in-situ to required height and filled with granular material, sand or other similar material, using heavy equipment. Typical dimension of this flood control method are 8" tall x 3'-6" long x 3'-6" wide. When the system has been filled with sand, it forms a high-strength and durable barrier that can withstand water forces and protect life and property from flood damages.

Flood Control: RDFW Description

The RDFW method is a lightweight material that can be installed by two people in one second. The modules are assembled to specific height requirements and site conditions, installed end to end and stack to any height. The RDFW as a flood control device will increase efficiency, prevent injury and reduces flood damages. The modular units are reusable and even recyclable, and will required less storage space than traditional sandbags.

Flood Control: RDFW Advantages

The RDFW as a flood control method has several advantages over traditional sandbag methods.

  • RDFW can be easily stored.
  • Rapid Deployment Flood Walls can be installed 30 times faster than the corresponding sand bag barrier.
  • The flood control method can be installed using less labor costs.
  • The granular material used to fill the interconnected grids, can generate higher compression structures reducing the possibility of water flowing through it.
  • RDFW technology creates a structure that is up to 9 times stronger than current methods of flood protection.
  • Using this flood control method, will reduce the possibility of accidents and injuries at the workplace.
  • RDFW can increase protected areas and reduce flood damages to life and property.
  • The seepage protection is 7 times higher than sand bag protection.
  • It reduces the possibilities of gaps and voids between sand bags.
  • The RDFW flood control method can be repacked and reused many times.
  • It can be removes at the same rate it was installed.
  • The product is 100% recyclable.
  • Using the RDFW will reduce the amount of sand or granular material needed to protect the same area.

The Rapid Deployment Flood Wall system is developed by Geo Cell Systems. The company has set up an online spreadsheet system where you can calculate the amounts of materials required to complete your flood control system. The spreadsheet, that can calculate the amount of module and sand required, is available at http://geocellsystems.com/estimator/.

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