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Bridge Design: Timber Bridges

Bridge Design: Timber Bridges

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Timber bridges across the USA are gaining more and more acceptance among construction professionals and within construction projects. A bridge design must consider various factors affecting its structure, for example, the bridge span, and its use, maintenance and life expectancy. Only a rough 11 percent of bridges spanning more than 20 feet are timber bridges. More than 1,500 timber vehicular bridges have been designed and are still in use for the past 90 years.

York Bridge Concepts provides a complete service of bridge design, bridge installation and supervision throughout its construction. York Bridge Concepts is a company that has been working with timber bridges for more than 25 years. The company offers a complete turn-key service in which the bridge design process will meet the expected design criteria while lasting many years.

Timber Bridges Materials

YBC has an extensive list of materials specified for you bridge design and construction. Below is a list of the most common materials used in timber bridges.

  • Heavy Duty AISI Grade 305 Stainless Steel Screws
  • Heavy duty ASTM A-307 hot-dipped galvanized timber bolts
  • ASTM F-844 dock washers
  • #1 Dense and #1 grade pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine or #1 Dense and #1 grade pressure treated Douglas-Fir
  • Architectural quality glu-lams or Southern Yellow Pine glulam’s
  • Exotic or hardwood timbers, such as IPE or Green Heart Piling per client requests.

Bridge Design: Timber Bridge Benefits

The use of timber bridges over traditional concrete bridges provides several advantages:

  • Timber bridges will last longer that concrete bridges. Under maintenance routine timber bridges will outlast steel and concrete bridges.
  • York Bridge Concepts provides a durable timber bridge using the latest standards and products to assure that timber will last over the years.
  • York Bridge Concepts provide a 10 year written structural warranty.
  • Timber bridges can be designed and treated against rotting, shrinking and termite protection.
  • Using a timber bridge will get rid of rust problems, concrete cracks, or cupping.
  • Timber bridge design will conform to AASHTO HS2—44, or higher standards if required.
  • York Timber bridges can be used under heavy traffic of three to four axle vehicles.
  • The bridge could be designed using various types of guiderails, covers, lumber types and span lengths.
  • Large wood members provide good fire resistance qualities.
  • Timber bridges provide improved aesthetics over traditional concrete or steel truss bridges.
  • Timber bridges are environmental friendly incorporating wood and nature into one single scene.
  • York Bridge Concepts provide a fast and economical timber design service tailored to your specific needs.
  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Single wood pieces can be replaced easily instead of repairing the complete bridge.

Bridge Design: YBC Offering

York Bridge Concepts offers extremely capable craftsmen, equipped with all the tools and equipment needed to install all related bridge components. The Design and Construction personnel ensure a coordinated project development since early bridge design stages until final completion. All the design process ensures thorough schedule coordination dedicated to meet the most stringent schedule deadlines, minimizing the unforeseen conditions and unexpected costs. All bridge designs are analyzed and reviewed carefully providing outstanding results and a high quality product. YBC project team reviews project construction on a daily basis to assure that all design specs are being followed.

Timber Bridge Span Types

YBC offers several span types of timber bridges for you to choose from:

  • Pile Supported- supported by timber piling at regular intervals
  • Glu-Lam Freespan- Ideal choice for road overpasses, bridging steep ravines and crossings.
  • Timber Freespan- generally used to span a creek or other relatively small crossings. This type of bridge replaces a culvert.
  • Combination- create your unique crossing may be an effective solution for you.
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