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Tips When Recording As-Built Drawings

As-Built drawings must be prepared carefully


Tips When Recording As-Built Drawings

As-Built drawings should be recorded carefully

Brock Builders

As-built Drawings are a very important piece of information that every project must record. As-Built drawings are also called Record Drawings. As-Built drawings demonstrate how the contractor built the project and what changes were made during the construction process. Transferring the revisions and completing the markups on the As-Built drawings must be executed carefully to a final as-built set of drawings. These final as-built drawings will contain modifications, field changes; shop drawing changes, design changes, extra works and every change that was approved and made during construction.

Tips When Recording As-Built Drawings

It is recommended to review As-Built drawings regularly for accuracy and completeness by the contractor and the management office representative as part of the monthly payment process. At least one complete set of As-Built drawings must be available on the job site at all times.

  • Cross out words like equal to, similar to and replace them with the specific information used during the construction process
  • Provide the exact details of changes or additional information, including but not limited to fabrication, erection, installation, location, sizing, material, dimension, etc
  • Provide all necessary information of contractor's designed systems
  • Invert elevations, grade modifications and related information on piping utilities, earthwork, etc.
  • Record all unexpected obstructions found in the contract area
  • If an additional sheet is added to the drawings, try to use the same sheet size, scale and legend as the one being replaced or being referenced
  • Changes made from the final inspection process
  • If possible As-Built drawings shall be recorded with three base colors, with a legend indicator; RED- deleted items; GREEN- added items, BLUE-special information or details
  • Refer to specific actions instead of referencing change order numbers or related documents
  • Use written explanation to describe changes
  • Use clear lettering
  • Be sure to add revision notes and corrections to affected section view, general notes, specific notes, profiles, and schedules
  • Add all related shop drawings to As-built drawings
  • Update the index sheet to show latest drawing changes or additions
  • Be specific when making notes to underground utilities, showing exact location, depth and material used
  • When finished, stamp title sheet with 'RECORD DRAWING AS-BUILT' including contractor’s name, date and other relevant information
  • If a sheet has not been changed at all or no mark has been added, label the sheet only 'As-Built'
  • If a sheet has been changed or modifications have been added, label it 'Revised AS-Built'
  • Prepare a final CD with the As-built drawings

Sometimes contracts call for a certain retainage of money until As-built drawings are submitted. Following these recommendations will allow you have that retainage being paid rapidly.

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