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High Speed Rail Systems- Fastest Bullet Trains


Here is a list of superfast trains that are running in the world. This list could be altered in any minute since there are several tests being carried in the World.

1. JR-Maglev Japan

Japan Maglev High Speed Rail
Courtesy of Globalism Pictures

Japan’s Maglev train system uses high powered maglev technology to achieve faster speeds and minimize friction between rails and wheels. The Maglev MLX01 speeds up to 361 miles per hour and there is planning to develop additional lines of interconnection for the World’s fastest train. The Tokyo-Osaka Chuo Shinkansen maglev is expected to be completed by 2045.

2. TGV POS — France

France High Speed Rail
Courtesy of MystereCruzflickr

The TGV POS could be named also the world’s fastest train. France’s TVG, rail lines owned and operated by the French national railway corporation, SNCF. This line is part of Rail Europe, the set of train systems that expands from the North and East of France and down to the Mediterranean Sea. The V150 was built specifically to break the wheeled rail speed record and did so by speeding up to 357.2 miles per hour.

3. Shanghai Maglev — China

Shangai Maglev
Courtesy Olevki

The Shangai Maglev train is the first commercial Maglev train in the world. Its construction started in March 2001 and was completed in 2004, running between Pudong International Airport and Longyang Road Station. The Maglev train can cover the 30 kilometer route within 7 minutes, recording speeds of 220 miles per hour. Although the maximum operational speed is 268 mph, top speeds of 311 miles per hour have been recorded, and have an excellent rate of service with 99.85 percent of on-time schedule. The short length of the track lends itself to a high operational speed of 268 mph, which is currently the record for commercial trains. China announced that it would couple this with vacuum tube/tunnel technology to create a vacutrain that would reach speeds of 621 mph almost twice as fast as the current rail record holder.

4. CRH 380 A- China

China Train
Courtesy Renato Ganoza

The CRH 380A was tested at a record speed of 302 miles per hour. Actually, the CRH 380 A train is a commercial train system which operates at a speed of 186 miles per hour. It is the world record holder in the fastest train category, hitting a speed of 301 miles per hour on the world's longest high speed line in China. The distance between Wuhan in central China and Guangzhou in the country’s south was covered by the high-speed train in two hours forty five minutes. The body is integrally welded with aluminum alloy and is shaped with a fish head-like structure in the front. The rotating parabolic wedge structure cuts down aerodynamic resistance and mean energy consumption throughout the runtime.

5. Chosun Korea

Korea High Speed Rail
Photo Martjin Booister

The HEMU, High-speed Electric Multiple Unit, in Korea covered 28 kilometer recording a top speed of 267 miles per hour. The train is being developed at a cost of more than $80 billion dollars traveling from Seoul to Busan in 90 minutes. The train was developed by the institute in collaboration with the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Hyundai Rotem and other companies. The HEMU can carry up to 456 passengers at a speed of 229 miles per hour, which is 44 miles per hour faster than its predecessor, the KTX, which carries 363 people.

6. High Speed Train History

First Train
Photo Courtesy Gene Hunt
History of how high speed reail system has developed over the year;
  • 1830 Liverpool & Manchester Railway-36 miles per hour
  • 1839 Grand Junction Railway, England 57 miles per hour
  • 1889 Paris-Dijon line, France 89.5 mph
  • 1897 Midland Railway, England 90 mph
  • 1903 Military railway, Germany 126 mph
  • 1932 Great Western Railway, England 92 mph
  • 1964 Shinkansen, Japan 130 mph
  • 1981 TGV, France 161.6 mph
  • 2004 Shanghai Maglev, China 267 mph
  • 2007 TGV, France 357 mph
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