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Construction App: iRoofing- A Must Have for Roofing Contractors

Construction Apps: iRoofing Description

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iRoofing Simulator
Photo © iRoofing

iRoofing is a new Ipad app created especially for roof contractors to meet challenges and make jobs easier. The iRoofing app is designed to help roofing contractors get more lead, boost sales and provide quotation using the customize service provided by the app. The App will provide you tools to measure, display roof’s images, evaluate design criteria and could even create the projects’ rendering of the proposed roof installation.

The iRoofing app is an on-the-go solution to meet all your needs as a roofing contractor. The app will provide you with local information, accurate measurements without getting to the roof, and catalogue technical data from manufacturers. The fully customizable app is only available for iPads but will be available soon to other portable devices. Some of the most important built-in features of the app are:

  • Able to measure roof area without getting to the roof.
  • Provide all information about tile selection, shingle and metal so you can share with your customer
  • Simulate the finished roof installation using an existing roof photo
  • Provide reliable an accurate information about roofing suppliers and local manufacturers so you can get the local expertise needed to complete your project

Construction Apps: iRoofing Features

iRoofing is a solid comprehensive construction app allowing you to:

  • Place material order with most of the top US Distributor/Suppliers
  • Provide render images about their new roof
  • Provides information about licensed contractors near you
  • Have access to full line of manufactures catalogues
  • Provide roof measurements directly from our satellite service.
  • Find a local branch of your roofing supply company
  • Have access to technical information, building approval forms, and installation guides.

Construction Apps: iRoofing Get Listed

iRoofing MeasurePhoto © iRoofing

The iRoofing app requires a subscription so you as a manufacturer or distributor could get listed as well as your products and technical data. This construction app will allow you to update your own business logo, create a photo gallery to upload photos, use the roof replacement simulator, upload your catalogue, and be able to push information to your clients regarding latest information and products. Distributors could also be listed allowing to be discovered when iRoofing users search using the GPS capability to find nearest manufacturers, distributors and vendors. More information about this construction app could be found at www.iroofing.org, and the app is downloaded from Apple Appstore (iPad Only Now)

Construction Apps: iRoofing Final Review

After reviewing the iRoofing app some other features could also be part of the roofing app. For instance, the app must have a feedback or evaluation area where clients could be able to write reviews or endorse contractors from their own experience. In addition, the app is only limited to manufacturers, vendors, and roofing contractors that enroll into their system. One additional item that needs to be clarified is the precision of the satellite system used to measure the roof, and how colors could actually be represented to match real products. The bottom line, is a solid roofing app, that still need to be developed, but can offer you additional resources, quick and faster enough to convince your client to hire you.

This review is based on limited information provide by the app developer. For more information visit http://applosophy.com.
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