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Contract Documents

Construction Contract Must Have Items


The contract documents are one of the most important pieces that will guarantee of a successful project. This list contains the most common documents that must form part of every construction contract.

In addition to this list, there are other numerous contract support documents that can be used in combination with the standards documents. For example:

  • Instruction Forms
  • Time Extension Claim
  • Request for Information
  • Preliminary Building Agreement
  • Progress Payment Certificate
  • Practical Completion Notice
  • Defects Document
  • Contract Information Statement

1. Agreement

By IvanWalsh

The agreement to be used by the contracting officer (owner) and the contractor.The most essential part of the contract documents.

2. General Conditions

This contract document will define the obligations and rights on how to execute the project.

3. Special Conditions

This is usually an extension of the contract and to the general conditions. This part must specify specific conditions and clauses to each particular project or job.

4. Bill of Quantities

This is formed by the list of diverse trades, and materials included that form part of the construction. Sometimes this document is not required by the contracting officer.

5. Drawings

All set of drawings that form part of the job to be performed. These drawings are usually the latest drawings and must be received by the contractor prior to the date of commencement. It must include all drawings from consultants, and will constitute the entire project being contracted.

6. Specifications

The technical requirement to complete, execute and/or perform every little task or material being incorporated in the construction projects. It will add intelligence to the construction drawings; specify common standards, deviations accepted, materials accepted and the required testing for all materials. Usually, specifications are composed by referencing construction standards and codes.

7. Schedules

Courtesy of jwalker64
The construction schedule is an important piece of the document. In this part, the contracting office will know how and when the project will be completed. Sometimes, construction contracts will require updated schedules throughout the construction progress, and might form part of the monthly, or agreed term, application for payments.

8. Pricing Schedules

Breakdown of all items being incorporated in the construction project. This is usually the base of the application for payment. It can be detailed per item or in a lump sum form, not specifying individual items.

9. Insurances

J Rodriguez
This part will be an essential part to the contracting officer, since, it will provide the guarantee to the owner that the contractor has the means and the economic backup to perform the construction contract. It will include specific types of coverage’s, required bonding, and all insurance protections to the owner, the contractor and third parties.
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