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Alternatives in Kitchen Remodeling


Alternatives in Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen hang system.

Photo Courtesy of Brabantia Life

Alternatives in Kitchen Remodeling

Already submitted a quotation for that kitchen renovation, but it appears too high for your client? During these days, a lot of people are cutting on expenses and limiting their projects to basic the essential. If you want to try harder to get that project completed or adjudicated, then try these simple ideas to lower your costs and grab that project.

· Hang- If you want to gain some space and use less cabinet area, try to hang wineglass, cups, and other utensils under a cabinet. When using hanging slots and other hardware available at your local hardware, you will be organizing your space and protecting that wineglass from getting to the floor easily.

· The Sink Tray- That area that almost never is used, you will get an additional space to locate small utensils, brushes or cleaning supplies. Small trays suitable for this purpose are readily available at hardware stores. You will also be getting rid of those sponges visible in the sink.

· Special shelving units- There are different shelving units to be located in special areas where you can swing down from under a cabinet, hang a mug, or just put in the vertical tray, those large party trays that are use randomly, that you never know where to put them. Instead of creating large cabinet spaces, change that for these special systems, and you will be lowering your upfront costs. These units are available at home centers and hardware stores, with a wide assortment of styles and sizes from which to select.

· Gravity-feed storage- There are plenty of canned items that are bought every week, and sometimes they occupy a lot of kitchen cabinet space. Try to use these gravity-feed systems , so when you take the front one, the other will roll-out to position, and it will be handy for the next use. Don’t create extra cabinet space for these items, just buy this storage system and put them in a more accessible area.

· Stair shelving system- Want more space? Open thar door under the counter cabinet and you will notice a lot space between the drawers and the top of your utensil. Create and install a stair shelving systems, wider shelves as you get to the bottom, to accommodate additional pots, lids, appliances, and everything else that you don’t know where to store them.

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