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How to Install Vinyl Siding

Step by Step on how to install vinyl siding



Start installation from the back of the house

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Vinyl siding installations could be completed easily if you follow these simple steps.

Vinyl Siding Installation: Prep the Surface

Before starting the vinyl siding installation process, you will need to prepare the surface. Be sure to remove old caulking around windows and doors as it might interfere with the new trim for the siding. Secure all loose boards and wood trim. Remove down spouts, lighting fixtures and mouldings located where the siding will be installed. Finally, you will want to cut off window sill extension so the new trim can be installed flush with the window casing.

Vinyl Siding Installation: Level the Area

When the vinyl siding installation is over old surface, it shall be leveled before the installation can start. Lath strips and wood strips are commonly used to level the surface, so be sure to nail them to the structural frame of the house. Furring shall be installed and covered with sheeting or the spaces between the furring strips should be filled in with insulated sheeting equal in thickness to the furring strips.

Vinyl Siding Installation: Starter Strip

To install the starter strip you will need to snap a chalk line from the lowest corner of the old siding or sheathing on the house. Nail the starter strip that has been position aligned with the chalk line. Install corner posts at existing corners, by nailing them at the top, and continue every 8 to 12 inches in the center of the nail slot. Install “J” channel around all four sides of window and doors. You might want to shim the starter strip to avoid wavy appearances. It is recommended to leave 1/4 inch gap between strips for expansion.

Vinyl Siding Installation: First Siding Panel

Snap bottom of vinyl siding panel into the starter strip and nail it to the wall. The siding panel installation should start at the back of the house, working towards the front of the house. Leave a 1/4 in. space where panel butts corner post. Each panel shall be overlapped 1 in of the factory cutouts. Drive the last nail at least 10 inches from the end of the siding panel. After the first row has been completed, work your way up, always starting from the back of the house. Joints shall be done away from high traffic areas, and away from the street and house entrance. When the siding installation is next to the corner posts and 'J' channel, leave at least a 1/4 inch gap. If the installation is being done in freezing weather, a 3/8 inch gap is recommended.

Vinyl Siding Installation: Cuts and Windows

Installing a siding panel around a window, will need to be handled carefully. The siding panel must be placed under the window so you can mark the window opening on the vinyl siding panel 1/4 in larger on each side. Mark the height of the window, the same way it was done before. To cut the siding panel vertically use saw or snips and a utility knife for horizontal cuts and snap the section to be removed. Be sure to check both sides for proper fit. Install panel. Drop siding panel into “J” channel around top of window and install.

Vinyl Siding Installation: Finishing

The top siding panel must be cut to exact dimensions. Measure the distance between the top of the under sill trim and cut the vinyl panel. Insert cut panel into trim, and punch the panel on top every six inches. Lock bottom panel into panel below and push top edge into the undersill trim. Nail 'J' channel sidewall flush with gable. Cut the panel on proper angle and interlock panel with the siding panel below. Then mark a line on bottom piece and cut, so this will form a pattern for cutting siding panels. Lock pre-cut siding panel into siding panel below and slide siding panel into “J” channel.

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