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Construction: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The Top 5 Flooring Types for Your Home
Types of Flooring: Top Five Flooring Types
Expert Advice for Handicapped Bathroom Safety
ADA Guuidelines: Highlights about the ADA guidelines in handicapped accessible bathrooms.
Mortar Mix: Mortar Types
Mortar Mix: Choosing the appropriate mortar mix.
List of Exterior Wall Materials
Exterior Wall Types: List of different alternatives to use as exterior walls.
Common Types of Electrical Conduit
Common Types of Electrical Conduit.
The 10 Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Constructi...
IPhone: List of Recommended Apps for The Construction Industry
French Drain: All About French Drains
French Drain: Learn How to Install a French Drain.
Bidding Commercial Construction Projects
Explanation on how to complete and prepare a construction bid for a commercial project.
Contract Documents
Your construction contract must-have items.
Lump Sum: What Is A Lump Sum?
Lump Sum: What Is A Lump Sum? A lump sum contracts offer some benefit although it has some restrictions.
Estimating Concrete Pricing
Estimating Concrete Pricing: Learn what you need to consider when estimating concrete and pricing concrete.
What is Underpinning? Underpinning Methods
What is Underpinning? Underpinning Methods
House Wrap: Pros, Cons and Installation Tips
House wrap installation tips, benefits and disadvantages. Importance of House wrap and Installation Tips.
Backfilling: Backfill Methods
Backfilling: Backfliing alternatives.
Time Extension: How to Request a Time Extension
Time Extension: How to Request a Time Extension
Argon Gas Window: Benefits of Argon Filled...
Pros and Cons of Argon Gas Windows
Florida Contractor License: How to Become a...
Florida Contractor License: How to Become a Licensed Contractor
Cold Weather Concrete: Tips to Pour Concrete in...
Concrete Basics: Tips to Pour Concrete in Cold Weather
Concrete Admixtures: List of Common Used...
Concrete admixtures were developed to reduce problems when placing and.or finishing concrete.
What is Builder’s Risk Insurance?
Information of coverage and exclusion of the Builder's Risk Insurance.
Concrete: How to Repair Concrete
Tips on how to Repair Concrete Cracks. Concrete cracks should be repaired depending on how large the crack is.
Concrete Curing Methods
Concrete Curing Methods: Alternatives and tips when curing concrete.
Drywall: How to Estimate Drywall
Learn how to estimate drywall and how to prepare drywall take-offs.
Construction Bid Template
Templates Used For Construction Bidding. Page 2.
Cost-Plus Contract Basics
Cost-plus contract basic information. What to expect and when to use a cost-plus contract.
Water Pumps: Types of Water Pumps
Water Pumps: Learn about the different pump types, their advantages and when to use them.
Home Wiring Basics: Understanding Home Wiring...
Home Wiring Basics: Understanding Home Wiring Basics
What is a Bid Bond?
Bid Bond Basics: Understanding why a bid bond is required and how does it works.
Types of Construction Contracts
Common types of construction contracts.
Bricks: Bricks Types
Bricks Types and bricks advanatages.
Estimating Framing Material: How to Estimate...
How to Estimate Framing Material. Step by step on how to estimate framing material
What is Stucco: How to Stucco
How to Stucco: What is Stucco and basic stucco information.
Construction Schedule Techniques
Four ways to prepare a construction schedule. Construction schedule must be learned by every construction professional.
Marble Tile Flooring
Tips and sealing information for marble tile flooring, including a look at different types of sealants and the methods of production.
Top Ten Largest Construction Projects
List of World's Largest Construction Projects. World's largest construction projects being developed as of 2010.
What is Dewatering?
What is Dewatering? Learn how to perform dewatering and what you must know before start the dewatering process.
Cork Flooring: Benefits and Disadvantages of...
Cork Flooring: Benefits and Disadvantages of Cork Flooring
Caulk: How to Caulk
Basic tips to apply caulk. Learning tips and procedure when applying caulk.
Concrete Joints Types
Concrete Joints Types: Types of joints and how to decide which one is suitable.
Bored Pile Advantages
Advantages of Using Bored Piles.
Types of Electrical Transformers Tests
Electrical transformers need to be tested before arriving at your jobsite. Are you aware of the type of test electrical transformers should have? This article will let you know the type of test a transformer should have
Construction Bid Sheet
Construction Bid Sheets are used to simplify the process ob bids. Page 3.
Mortar Mix: Mixing Mortar Tips
Tips to learn how to mix mortar. Learn when the mortar mix has obtained the desired consistency.
Plumbing Pipe Types
Plumbing Pipe Types: How to Select the Appropriate Plumbing Pipe Type
Demolition Methods
A building or structure can be demolish using different techniques. Find which one to use during your next demolition project.
Installation Height for Bathroom Accessories
Recommended guidelines to install bathroom accessories. This detailed guideline will assist you when determining the installation height of bathroom accessories.
Hold Harmless Agreement
A Hold Harmless Agreement is a way to protect your business, but did you know there are three differente types of Hold Harmless Agreements?
Public Private Partnership Pros and Cons
Public Private Partnership (P3) : Their benefits and disadvantages. Case studies of some great Public Private Partnerships around the US and the World.
Understanding Soft Costs
Understanding Soft Costs
Countertops: Best Kitchen Countertops
List of the Best Kitchen Countertops. These article also highlight the pros and cons of kitchen countertop materials.
Critical Path Method Scheduling
Basic Components of a Critical Path Method. The Critical Path Method is powerful tool that must be used in every construction project.
Saw Cuts in Concrete
Learn how, when and where concrete must be cut to generate joints.
Estimating Structural Steel
Tips when estimating structural steel
Fiberglass Reinforced Panels- FRP Panels
Learn more about Fiberglass Reinforced Panels: Advantages and why FRP are preferred over other building materials.
Estimating Software
Estimating Software
Building Information Modeling (BIM) Benefits
BIM can offer several benefits depending on what your professional role is. Building Information Modeling is the future for the construction industry.
How to Install Insulation: Wall Insulation
Tips when installing wall insulation. Wall insulation can be obtained by using faced batt or unfaced batt insulation.
Curing Concrete: Curing Concrete in Cold Weather
Cold weather curing concrete tips.
Performance Bonds
Performance Bonds: A basic introduction to Performance Bonds.
Tips When Recording As-Built Drawings
Tips When Recording As-Built Drawings. As built drawings are a record of how the construction was made by the contrator.
How to Paint: Cold Weather Painting
What to do and what to avoid when painting in cold weather. Learn what you can do when temperature falls beyond 35 degrees.
Plumbing Manifolds
Plumbing Manifolds: When to use plumbing manifolds and their advantages.
Concrete Mix: Concrete Mix Basics
Concrete Mix Basics. Learn how to design a great concrete mix.
Answering a Request for Proposal (RFP)...
Answering the Request for Proposal is a virtue and we want you to get the job, so we provide these simple hints that will enable you to answer the RFP in an effective way.
Statement of Work (SOW)
Statement of Work. Basic guidelines to ellaborate a Statement of Work (SOW)
Types of Drywall
List of the most common used drywall and their applications.
Fiber Cement Siding: Cement Siding Pros and Cons
All about cement siding. Cement Siding Pros and Cons and how to install cement siding.
Types of Grout: Different types of grout.
Types of Grout: Different types of grout and where to use each grout.
Remodeling Design Software
Common software used for remodeling purposes.
List of Construction Insurance
Specific list of the most common used construction insurances.
Hydraulic Cemet is used to stop leaks in your...
Hydraulic cement can be used successfully to stop leaks in concrete and masonry structures. Hydraulic cement will not deteriorate even if the surface on which it will be applied it is submerged or below grade.
Indemnity Agreements
Indemnity Agreements: Three common types of indemnity agreements.
What Is a Gantt Chart?
Gantt Charts basics. Learn to prepare a Gantt Chart.
Rebar- Reinforcing Steel Bars
Rebars, different rebar alternative and reinforcing steel types.
Time and Material: Time and Materials Contract
Time and Materials Contract: Things to know when using a Time and Materials Contract
Insulated Vinyl Siding
Learn the benefits when selecting insulated vinyl siding, instead of regular vinyl siding.
House Siding: Siding Types Alternatives
List of Alternatives to Choose as Siding Material
Directional Boring
Directional boring, also known as Horizontal directional drilling is a commonly used technique in the construction industry.
Door Installation: How to Install a Door
Door Installation: Tips on how to install a door.
Concrete Floors: Alternatives to Repair...
Concrete Floors: The Best Alternatives to Repair Concrete Floors
Types of Built-Up Roofing and Their Benefits.
What are Built-Up roofing systems and the pros and cons of choosing a built-up roofing system.
Four Phases of Negotiation Process
Negotiation a union labor contract is divided basically in four steps.
Contract: Construction Contract Basics
Construction contract from A to Z. Information on tpes of contacts, list of items included in a contract, and some contracting help.
Sewer Pipe Installation: How to Install a Sewer...
Sewer pipe step by step installation guide
Electrical Transformers: Electrical Transformer...
Electrical Transformer Installation Tips. Follow these great tips when installing an electrical trasnformer.
Foundation Design
Relevant information when designing a foundation for a structure.
Types of Metal Roofing: Standing Seam Roofing
Metal Roof: Standing Seam Roofing Types, Advantages and Disadvantages
Bids: Looking for Construction Bids?
Construction Bids: Where to look for Construction Bids and where to find bidding opportunities.
Design Build: Design Build Contracts
Basics about Design Build Contracts. Benefits, Drawbacks and limitations of a design build contract.
Application For Payment Form
Application for payment basic form. This payment application can be customized to fit you construction project.
Online Construction Bids Systems
Online Construction bids systems are replacing original systems for bidding purposes. Page 4.
Common Causes for a Change Order
Common Causes for a Change Order on a construction project. Change orders tends to add time and cost to construction projects.
Earth Moving Equipment: Six Common Heavy...
Earth Moving Equipment: 6 Popular Equipment Used to Move Dirt
Ready Mix Concrete Tips: Ready Mix Ordering Tips
You could be ordering the wrong mix design, reducing your revenues or offering a product that is not the ideal concrete mix design.
What is Soil Nailing?
Understanding the process of soil nailing. Soil Nailing can have some advantages but also some limitations.
Fly Ash Applications
Learn about Fly Ash concrete and its uses.
Soil Erosion Control Techniques
List of alternatives that you can choose when implementing erosion control techniques.
Review of Some of the Best Hammer Drills
Pros and Cons of Some of the Best Hammer Drills
Tips When Repairing Drywall
Repairing Drywall: Useful Tips When Repairing Drywall.
Liability Insurance Coverage
Explanation of Liability Insurance coverage, its limitation and benefits.
Impact Analysis: Time Impact Analysis
How to perform a time impact analysis. A time impact analysis is used to determiine the extent of the possible delay in the construction activities.
PEX Plumbing Pipe
PEX pipe is a new pipe material cheaper than copper and easier to install than copper piping. Learn where to use PEX pipes.
Common Pile Driving Problems and Solutions
Pile Driver:Common Pile Driving Problems and Possible Solutions to be Implemented.
Masonry: Cold Weather Masonry
Masonry in cold weather tips. Tips when working with masonry under cold weather.
Treating Termite Before Construction
Brief summary on how to prepare an area termite-free and how to prevent termite to attack your building.
How to Reduce Overhead Costs
Tips on how to reduce your overhead costs.
Aerated Concrete
Aerated Concrete is a precast alternative to substitute CMU. Also known as Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, is a lightweigh material with great thermal properties.
PlanGrid App- Great Tools for the Field Engineer
PlanGrid: One of the best construction apps that you must have. Great app for the field engineer.
Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Required in California
Carbon monoxide detectors are being required on new construction per the California Building Code Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act of 2010.
Concrete Vibration: Tips on How to Vibrate...
How to Vibrate Concrete. Tips on how to vibrate concrete, do's and dont's of concrete vibration.
Bricks: How to Prevent Cracks in Brickwork
Bricks installation tips. How to avoid or reduce cracks when using bricks.
Bathtubs: Fiberglass or Cast Iron Bathtubs?
Bathtubs: Factors to consider when deciding between a fiberglass bathtub ot cast iron bathtub.
Top 10 Largest Construction Projects
A list of the top 10 largest construction projects.
What is GFCI- Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
What is GFCI- Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
Roof Trusses Used in House Construction
There are many roof truss types and variations, here we present some of them and their pros and cons.
California Contractor License: How to Become a...
California Contractor License: Requirements and Information on How to Become a Licensed Contractor in California
How to Build a Cinder Block Wall
How to build a cinder block wall. Page 6.
Toilets: Toilet Buying Guide Tips
Toilets: Toilet Buying Guide Tips
Painting Techniques: Wood Paint
Painting Techniques: How to Prepare Wood Surfaces Before Painting.
Hard Costs
Understanding what are construction hard costs.
Common Concrete Problems
Guide to common concrete problems and how to avoid these common problems
Asphalt Paved Driveways : Common Driveway Types
Asphalt Paved Driveways : Common Driveway Types
Storm Windows: Impact Resistant Windows
Impact resistant windows are composed of impact resistant glass, containing a layer of polyvinyl butaryl (PVB) between two slabs of glass.
Mechanics' Lien
Mechanics' Lien: When to file a Mechanics' Lien
Tower of Pisa: The Leaning Tower of Pisa
The Leaning Tower of Pisa: The facts and issues behind the leaning Tower of Pisa
Self-Compacting Concrete
Self Compacting Concrete Uses, Application and Factors to Consider. Self compacting concrete is also known as self consolidating concrete.
What is a Vapor Barrier: Vapor Barrier for Homes
Vapor barrier types. All you need to know about vapor barriers.
Hot Mix Asphalt Types
Learn about differenet Hot Mix Asphalt Types. Each of these Hot Mix Asphalt types has is own characteristics and selective application.
Primer- The Importance of Primer- Primer Types
Learn why a primer is important. Choose the correct primer depending on the surface to be covered.
Tuckpointing: How to Tuckpoint?
Tuckpointing tips basics. Learna about tuckpointing and how to do it.
Drywall Textures: Popcorn Texture
How to Remove and how to apply Popcorn Texture
Low-E Windows
Low-E windows: Learn how to select the correct window for a better building performance using low-e windows.
Contract Agreements
Learn how contract agreements should be made and what important parts form a contract agreement.
Payment Bond Basics
Payment Bond Surety Terms and Forms. A complete understanding of payment bond terms.
How do you choose the right copper pipe? Learn...
Copper Pipe Types: How do you choose the right copper pipe? Learn the differences between K, L and M copper type.
Structural Insulated Panels Benefits
Structural Insulated Panels can reduce your construction costs. Using Structural Insulated Panels a faster and air-tight building can be build.
Nails: Choosing the Correct Nail
Learn about the different kind of types of nails.
Construction Drawings: Construction Abbreviations
List of common used abbreviations in a construction drawing.
Ceramic Tile Installation Tips
Ceramic Tile Installation Tips over Exsiting Subfloors
Building Information Modeling Risks
BIM issues and claims can be present if communication between contractors is not good enough. Communication is the key to BIM success.
Alternative to Use as Roofing Material.
Alternative to use as roofing material.
Identifying Roof Problems
Roof problems are one of the most common problems in construction. This article will show you how to identify common roof problems.
PPE: Personal Protective Equipment
PPE: List of common personal protective equipment and the differences between them.
Insulated Concrete Forms Benefits
Insulated concrete forms: stay-in place concrete form. Insulated Concrete forms: A faster and sustainable idea.
National Electrical Code-In Your Pocket!!
Application of the NEC for your smartphone.
Airless Paint Sprayers Advantages
Benefits of using an airless paint sprayer instead of traditional roller and brush method.
Triple Glazed Windows
Triple Glazed Windows: An Energy Wise Decision
The Miller Act
The Miller Act: Payment and Performance Bond Requirements. The Miller Act is required on projects larger than $100,000.
Sandpaper: Choose the Right Sandpaper
Sandpaper: How to Choose the Right Sandpaper
ADA Guidelines: ADA Parking Standards
The following ADA guidelines for parking standards present requirements that must be met on most construction projects.

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