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B Tech Civil Engineer

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By Ansly Mathirapilly

B Tech Civil Engineer

Ansly M K

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United Arab Emirates

Contact Information

97150 8921163 / 97155 1433283

More About You

I am a B Tech Civil Engineer hailing from Kerala,India and having 24 years of site experince in different discpline of Civil Engineering.Almost 11 years worked at Middle East alone.

I am an allrounder and i can handle any kind of work like,Structural works for Bridge,Underpass,Sewage Pumping Statio

Describe Yourself

I am presently working at Ajaman,UAE for thier major interchange work including Viaducts,Overpass,Underpass,Pumping Station ..etc with MNC contractor at the Capacity of Site Agent.

I am a hard working nature and maximum trying to achieve the target within Budget and with safety requirement.

Very good Commanding power to controll the site and office.

well discplined and punctual at work.

Looking for a Challanging Career with good remuneration.

Key Experience

1.Shop drawing checking & submition

2.Material Submition.

3.Method statement preperation and submition.

4.BBS checking.

5.Form work design and checking.

6.Planning and Execution of job asper the clause 14 program.

7.Able to lead a crew of engineers and supporting staff.

8.Good knowledge in executing the structural works.

9.Road and Under ground Services like Sewer,Storm water,Telephone.. etc

10.Construction of Cement factory,Tea factory,Hospitals and Naval Academy for Indian Navy..etc.

What I'd Do Differently

  • In one word i can handle most of the Civil engineering jobs at site whenever it is required.
  • Administrative capacity is very good,so handling a project is not a difficult Task.
  • Good relation with clients/consultant.
  • Safety oriented working nature.
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