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CAD / BIM / Revit Designer

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By Chris Currie

CAD / BIM / Revit Designer

CAD / BIM / Revit Designer - Looking for work

Most Recent Job

I'm currently an under employed designer looking for work with Civil, Structural, Gas, Oil, Telecom or MEP engineers. My last project was a gas station in the historic Ybor district of Tampa, FL.


United States of America

Contact Information


More About You

I am currently studying for the latest AutoDesk certifications:

3D Studio

AutoCAD Civil 3D



Once I get a full time job I will have money for the certification tests and finish up my BA at ITT Technical Institute which can also be taken online in case I relocate.

Describe Yourself

I'm a very computer literate person with a very strong aptitude in graphics and 3D applications. I started out very young on computers with Microsoft and Autodesk applications. I worked under the table for my mothers company K.O power developing drawings and images for the company catalog as a kid. I moved on with drafting courses throughout all of high school and college. During my studying at ITT I took apart the CAD software. I then moved on to score the highest score ever on GOAA's CAD acceptance exams. My first professional project was Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure at Perez Perez Martin.

Key Experience

I have 15 years of experience working in the A/E/C industry and have been working with CAD software even longer. I have also doubled as a Network Administrator, computer repair technician, and anything else my client had a need for. In the past I have worked with engineers on large complex projects. I have worked for three structural engineering firms, an MEP firm and a fuel storage design firm in the recent past. I have also worked for a design build firm for approximately 10 years at the same time.

I have been an independent contractor throughout my career. The benefit of being an independent contractor in the past was the exposure to numerous CAD programs within several different types of firms from design build to multi-discipline firms on a wide variety of commercial projects. Working as an independent contractor is more demanding than working as an employee. Keeping clients happy as an independent contractor requires flexibility, adaptability and the desire to learn because each different firm has their own needs. My diverse experience has also led me to continuously evaluate solutions to potential problems within the entire projects instead of problems within just one discipline. This experience also helps me work with 3D CAD software incorporating Building Information Modeling (BIM).

My use of AutoCAD dates back to release 10 which was sold in 1988, and is as recent as the 2011 releases. AutoDesk has released several variations of AutoCAD to reflect the needs of individual disciplines such as Land Desktop, Autocad MEP, Architectural Desktop and more. Since not all clients are alike and have different needs I have had to modify several of these CAD programs. Many of these customizations I managed were incorporating company standards, libraries, menus, commands and more to enhance the overall efficiency of production. My high computer aptitude and software knowledge expands well beyond just AutoCAD. My past experience also includes Microstation, Inventor, Revit, Alibre, AutoSketch, and Google SketchUp just to name a few.

What I'd Do Differently

  • Considering we all make mistakes here are a few that come to mind I am sure you will get a chuckle out of.
  • I would have picked all of the good names during the dot com boom then bought up and sold all of the real estate I could before the market crashed here in Florida.
  • I would have picked those winning lottery ticket numbers
  • Second guessing everything and dwelling on it is a bad thing to do, learning from it and moving on is best
  • I would already be a licensed civil/structural engineer with a construction management degree and a GC license. I'm still working on this now.
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