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Structural Engineer

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By Nitesh Sangam

Structural Engineer

Structural Engineer Student at University of Florida

Most Recent Job

On-site Construction Engineer at SOMA Enterprise Ltd. in India. Worked on Elevated metro rail project.



Contact Information


More About You

I Sangam Nitesh, graduate student currently pursuing my Master's in Structural Engineering at University of Florida. I have completed my first year here with a 3.94 GPA. I am highly interested to pursue an internship position in a structural firm.

Describe Yourself

I got my Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from one of the best universities in India – the Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani. In my undergrad, I designed and constructed a 11m X 2m suspension paper bridge which showcased the innovation and talent in my campus. I have got six months of experience in working as an on-site engineer for the construction of ELEVATED METRO RAIL PROJECT. An Internship would provide me with an ideal opportunity to assist organization and build up my practical experience in the field.

Key Experience

I would bring a broad range of skills – Advance Analysis of Structures, Advance Rein-Forced Concrete, Prestress Concrete, Timber Construction, Dynamic Analysis and Steel Structures. As a student of massive interest in civil engineering and related work, I will be providing with the right opportunity to deal with the complex interchange which the company is dealing right now. I hope that having a top GPA and full focus towards career would make me a perfect fit in your company. I am about to publish a paper on “Static Analysis of Branch-Pulley System “along with a PhD student Jake with the help of professor Dr.Forrest Masters.


Site Engineer, SOMA Enterprise Ltd., India Jan 2010 to Jun 2010

 Supervised concrete pouring and steel reinforcement for piles, pile-caps, piers and pier-caps for an elevated metro rail project.

 Experienced the responsibility of managing labors, erecting the structure accurately as designed & planned.

 Gained knowledge of the modern technology and machinery used in on-site construction.

Intern, L V Prasad Building, India Summer 2007

 Analyzed the multi-storey structure in civil, electrical and mechanical point of view.

 Presented a complete report on the Infrastructural View of LVPEI and made numerous suggestions on energy conservation from structural point of consideration.

Intern, Pyramid IT Consulting Ltd., India Jan 2009 to Jul 2009

 Designed & developed a Helpdesk website for customer complaint updates and bug handling for Finedocs (Document Management Solution) product in Microsoft.NET .


 “Performance and Testing of Adhesive Anchor Systems” under Dr.R.A.Cook.

 Designed a “Formula 1 Track” model during APOGEE 2006, an all India level technical festival.

 Designed and constructed a live outdoor model of “Paper Bridge”, during APOGEE 2008.

 A study oriented project titled “Geometric Design of Runways and Taxiways/Aprons” under Prof. A.K.Sarkar, Department of Civil Engineering, BITS-Pilani.

 A project titled “Computer Applications of Mechanics of Solids” under Assistant Prof. Anshuman, Department of Civil Engineering, BITS-Pilani.

 Implemented a code for “Designing of Framed Structures Using Stiffness Method” in C-language, as part of the course Advanced Structural Analysis.

What I'd Do Differently

  • Treasurer and Editorial Team Member of Civil Engineering Association (CEA) at BITS.
  • Representative of Civil Engineering Association at BITS.
  • Coordinator of Audi Force & Security Department at BITS.
  • MATLAB, MS Office, C, C#, ASP.NET, and SQL(Database language).
  • Mathcad, Visual Analysis, Concise Beam, Google Sketch-up and AutoCAD.
  • Learning ADINA FEM,LabVIEW 2010 & STAAD.
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