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Vice president of construction

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By Steven Miller

Most Recent Job

General manager of Yellow Dot heating and air conditioning. A $15 million dolalr a year company based in Raleigh, NC.


United States

Contact Information

Gary Jacobs

More About You

25 Plus years in the residential home building industry. A wealth of experience in the running of production operations on a large scale. Vice president with Jim Walter Homes, M/I Homes before them for eleven years.

Clear focus on the generation of revenue through team building and training.

Describe Yourself

I have had the privilege of working with some of the best production builders in the country. I have never failed to increase revenue, reduce days under construction, and have a clear understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction.

I believe in building a strong team committed to these same values, and that we are only as good as the last home we built.

I have served in every capacity during my time in the industry and am comfortable in my ability to quickly assess any challenging situation and in placing corrective measures into place to make dramatic improvement in a very respectable time frame.

Key Experience

Vice president of construction as well as division president of the Florida division of Jim Walter Homes.

Regional director of operations for Wayne Homes ( A Centex owned and operated company).

Vice president of M/I Homes for 11 years.

Vice president of Westminster Homes for 4 years.

I have frequently been brought into a company when there have been serious issues requiring immediate attention. I thrive in an atmosphere where there are challenges. I enjoy searching out the issues and putting corrective measures into place and insuring adherence through fruition.

Creating an environment where sales and construction respect and work together is key.

What I'd Do Differently

  • Many times, the issues requiring attention in a rapid fashion are owned by others, some times the actions put into place creates an environment where these others resent the notion that there is anything needing to be done at all under their watch, and by the programs recognizing the weaknesses and areas needing improvement you find yourself on the outside. To assume that everyone in the organization wants the same thing, to get better through continuous training and improvement, is not consistent with reality. If you fail to gather the support of all of the key players there is a strong chance you will fail.
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